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  • 2015/09/20
    Measures and venues for Winter Olympics to boost sports and bring blue skies In seven years, Beijing will become the first city to have staged both the Summer and Winter Olympics. But what changes will Beijing 2022 bring to the host city and the surrounding areas? For a start, the event will push Be...
  • 2015/08/13
    The moment former International Olympic Committee chief Juan Antonio Samaranch announced Beijing had won the 2008 Olympic Games is etched on my mind.Thousands of jubilant people took to the streets. There were hugs between cheering strangers. Drivers honked their horns wildly. It was a carnival atmo...
  • 2015/07/29
                                         A child takes part in an ice fishing contest. (Xinhua/Zhang Xuan)  China's sports governing body plans to prioritize the development of less-popular winter events...
  • 2015/02/13
    BEIJING, Feb. 13 -- Beijing is pushing ahead with its 2022 Winter Olympics bid with preparations from pollution mitigation to infrastructure construction. "The bid by Beijing and co-host Zhangjiakou has entered its sprint phase," said Zhang Jiandong, Beijing vice mayor and vice president of the Beij...
  • 2014/08/24
    North China's most polluted province Hebei claims to have abandoned obsession with mere growth, and to be focused on quality, technology upgrades and clean industry. Beijing and Hebei have plans to invest 19.6 billion yuan (3.18 billion U.S. dollars) in a cloud computing industrial park in Zhangjiak...
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